Reliable Repairs & Maintenance for Your Lotus Vehicle


The Lotus brand has a storied history of producing lightweight, high-performance sports cars that are revered for their agility and precision. While the ownership of Lotus may have changed hands, the essence of Lotus cars remains true to their British roots. Whether you own a classic Lotus Elan or one of the modern track-focused models like the Lotus Evora or Lotus Exige, the spirit of Lotus engineering and craftsmanship endures.

At Veloce Sports Cars, we specialize in servicing and maintaining all Lotus car models, spanning decades of automotive excellence. Your Lotus is a testament to engineering purity, with a focus on reducing weight, powerful engines, and a driving experience that is second to none. With proper care and attention, your Lotus will continue to deliver the thrill of the open road for years to come.

Our mechanics are passionate about car repair and care, for Lotus vehicles and every type of vehicle we work on here at Veloce Imports. We put our hearts into our work and never give less than our best. One of the ways we make sure to continue providing top quality auto repairs and service is to retain and build on our knowledge, which means we can capably work on older and newer vehicles alike. Our shop also makes sure to have the right tools and equipment to provide your vehicle with the best automotive services Concord has to offer.

When your Lotus isn’t performing as it should, it’s important to communicate your findings to our service writer or technicians. If possible, bring a written list of the symptoms you’re experiencing with your Lotus, and be prepared to describe the symptoms. Resist the temptation to suggest a specific course of repair. Just as you would with your doctor, tell us where it hurts and how long it’s been that way, but let our mechanics diagnose and recommend a remedy.

Bring Your Lotus to Veloce Imports for Repairs & Service

If you’re in need of a vehicle repair, bring your Lotus to our shop in Concord, NH, and we’ll get you back behind the wheel. If you need routine service, we will ensure your Lotus is in peak running condition. Please fill out our contact form to make an appointment with one of our skilled technicians.