As a full-service auto repair shop, we proudly cater to an assortment of clients. Whether you drive a high-end vehicle or own a vintage automobile, our technicians are equipped to get the job done. Our restoration services are rooted in satisfaction and quality, which guarantees a pleasant client experience. When working with our team, you will receive world-class customer care that puts a premium on partnership. We work closely with our customers to ensure peace of mind at every turn. Between our master technicians and numerous solutions, Veloce Imports is an auto repair shop that anybody can rely on.


Jo, the founder and CEO of Veloce Imports, has over 40 years experience in engineering, design, fabrication, drive line component building and restoration, sports car racing, and automotive services. He brings an impressive skill set to his love of cars and racing.

He grew up around a family dealership, Alfa Romeos, Jaguars, Austin Minis, Fiats, and sports car racing as a crew member and driver. Jo was involved in dirt bike enduro racing on a Husqvarna and, later in life, sprint kart racing Margays with his son. He had spent many years crewing and driving in SCCA regional and national classes: GP, GT-4 & GT-2 with Alfa Romeos, Austin Healeys, and Datsuns. He was the crew chief for the last MGB to win a SCCA national title.

To further fuel his passion for cars and sports car racing, Jo consumed every book and publication of racing history, most notably vintage racing, endurance sport car racing, and Formula 1. Because of his thirst for more knowledge, he has built up a vast network of connections which he taps into source obscure parts and information on the cars he works on and takes care of. Jo is always willing to return the favor by helping others with their questions on all things cars.

Before opening his business, Jo built up an extensive background as a contract machine and package designer. His design team patented the Nylatron bearing design. With a fully functioning machine and fabrication shop, Jo now applies his skills by designing and fabricating custom parts and tools, which comes in very handy when working on rare cars with even rarer parts. His attitude is, “If we can’t find the parts, we make them.” With the extensive skills and tools of the team at Veloce Imports there isn’t much we can’t do.