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Customer Reviews & Stories for Veloce Imports in Londonderry, NH

Customer Reviews for Veloce Imports, auto repair and maintenance facility in Londonderry NH

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Customer Reviews & Stories

WOW! You drive your car and you think you know it, but after these guys tune it, you experience a totally new ride! Never had a better running Austin Healey and couldn't be more impressed. Highly recommend..

- K.L.

The only place I will take my Audi from now on! A huge thank you to Steve and Teddy for diagnosing and fixing the gas leak on my car. Before coming to Veloce, I was told from several other places that the gas tank needed to be replaced, which was quite expensive. Steve found that the problem was the fuel filter needed to be replaced and within two hours, my car was no longer leaking fuel and ready to go. Steve also diagnosed the ongoing headlight issue I had with my Audi for the four years I have owned it. Without fail, my headlights would die every two to three months and I would have to replace the headlight switch. Thanks to Steve, that is no longer the case and I haven't had a switch replacement in over a year!

- K.T.

Very knowledgeable on all things British and Italian. Takes time to explain what is needed and what is suggested .great friendly staff

- S.B.

Really knowledgeable staff, great communication, timely work. Would unreservedly recommend.

- C.H.

This is the best place to bring your exotic car I've owned a supercar for five years I tried rebuilding the engine everywhere no place ever got the engine rebuilt right or the car running right except Veloce imports . On top of them being the best engine builders in the north is they give you a warranty with all their work which is unheard of and is incredible present on top of the skills professional expertise and knowledge that Nigel and his father possess.they made all my dreams come true after a long battle of sanity and money and endless hope they brought back my exotic car to life and running absolutely perfect no one else will I ever bring any vehicle that I treasure to except them literally. They prove to me that exotic cars with the right professional shop to maintain are just as reliable as any other car on the road thank you guys and I am grateful and loyal to you forever . Lotus esprit v8 twin turbo transmission and engine rebuilt , covered warranty driving and enjoying everyday

- R.S.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Great experience working with numerous foreign cars. A good shop for a project car.

- E.K.

Very special thanks for the rescue service on my VW Jetta last Thrusday. You saved my weekend at an Appalachian Mountain Club gathering in Twin Mountain, NH. I hope that I did not toally disrupt your shop schedule with my "drop-in" request. My humble little VW Jetta was certainly in good company with your usual clientele!

- A.G.

These gentlemen took great care of my Volvo and saved me hundreds of dollars. The dealer was ready to charge me for parts and labor on items the car did not need. Veloce correctly diagnosed the issue with my car and performed the require maintenance in a timely manner. Now it is running better than ever! I highly recommend Veloce for any service needed on any vehicle.

- T.A.

The attention to details and the quality of work is rare. Vintage Racing requires not only peak performance but the appearance of a Concours Winner. Many shops may be qualified to perform one of the tasks, providing both is rare."

- J.P.

Re: Brakes (on going brake problem that dealer could not solve)

Jo, Just got back from a test run. They're so good they're making me dizzy. I'm going to have to stand on the brakes like that every day to exercise my brain and prevent it from ending up six feet in front of the car when I stop! Thank you. I'm reviewing my service orders with Manchester Subaru, listing my complaints and will allude to their incompetence regarding the problem. When I first registered the car, the book said the list price was many thousands more than what was on the window. I went back the next day with the window sticker and straightened it out. Six weeks later I got a refund of over $200 for the first 14 months of registration. I wrote a letter to the dealer suggesting they tell their clients to watch the registry, but I never heard from them. Thank You.

– Steve

A smalll shop with a family atmosphere, Meticulous to the extreme. Top quality restorations, rebuilds and Performance Work. Complete Repairs and service at very affordable rates, I am quite happy with them.

– Superpages Review

I have owned my 86 Alfa Graduate for about 20 years. Did not use it much. Recently brought it to Veloce for a good overhaul. Day after I picked it up drove for 5 hours straight, 250 miles. Thanks Veloce Imports for making my 30 year old Alfa road worthy. The Veloce team is awesome!!! Next will be my 69 AH Sprite.

– G.B.